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The Intouchables (movie)

This is without a doubt one of the funniest movies ever made in France. This movie was released in 2011. A charitable organisation that helps persons who are paralysed was given 5% of the earnings from the movie.

Watch the whole movie since it's not only humorous but also emotional, plus the actors are gorgeous!

This passage makes a reference to one of the most well-known jokes in French culture; notice the dark, twisted, and extremely French sense of humour:

"Maman, may I have some chocolate?

– there is some in the kitchen cupboard, help yourself,

- But mom, I can't, you know I don't have any arms...

- No arms, no chocolate! (Pas de bras, pas de chocolat !)"

Directors: Olivier Nakache et Éric Toledano

Main characters: Omar Sy, François Cluzet, Émilie Caen


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