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What are the cost and schedules?

All of the information about the prices and scheduling of my upcoming classes can be found here.

What is the school address for in-person courses?

5225 Jean-Talon Ouest, #1207, Montreal

What level can I expect to be at after taking Beginner 1 + 2 course?

French is not easy:) But if you take Beginner 1 + 2, you should be able to have a simple, slow chat with one French person.

I don’t speak a word of French. Can I still register for the beginner course?
Yes, the Beginner Course is for you!

I've taken French classes in the past, is one of the beginner class right for me?
This is a question I am frequently asked. Have a look at my beginner course outlines, and you will probably figure it out on your own. If you don't, go ahead and complete the registration form and we will figure it out together on the phone.

Are children admitted into The French School's courses?
Yes, if they are over the age of 11.

Are there any other fees besides those listed?
No :)

Are all course materials included in the fees?

Yes, you will receive video and comprehension lessons, electronic flashcards, three pdf books, and other materials for your session.

How can I register and pay?
Fill out the Registration Form. We will then contact you via email to answer any questions you may have and to complete your registration.

What is the cancellation policy?

To be refunded, you must cancel your session a few days before it begins. Please keep in mind that there will be a $50 cancellation fee. Refunds are not available once the session has begun.

Do I need a special visa or document to participate in these courses?

No, you are welcome to visit and take a French class with me as a tourist.

Message sent, merci/thanks!

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