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2/ French sentences - I’m good, thanks

Learn French & Chill Podcast - Learn from Quebec!

Salut, moi c’est Thomas. In French, we can say the same thing in sooo many different ways. That's what I want to help you with. This episode is designed to be repetitive. If you wake up tomorrow telling me: “Thomas, I just started having nightmares in French.” You’ll make a happy man. The transcript is in the description, you might find it super useful if you’re a beginner. So get it and use it.

So how do we say “I’m good.” in French, when someone asks you “How are you doing?” Ready? Tu es prête, tu es prêt ? Let’s go!

As we’ve seen in the previous episode, the verb “aller”, which means “to go” will be used in French instead of “to be” in English. So, if we translate it word by word, we French literally say the equivalent of “It’s going” or “I’m going well”.

Repeat after me.

Not bad: Pas mal.

Good. Bien.

Very good. Très bien.

I’m ok. Ça va.

Ça va pas mal.

Ça va bien.

Ça va très bien.

Je vais bien, merci.

Je vais très bien, merci.

"What about you?" to a friend: Et toi ?

To a “vous” person, or to more than one person: Et vous ?

The following is very used in Quebec Pas pire.

Ça va pas pire.


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