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3/ French sentences - How is she, how is he, how are they?

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Salut, moi c’est Thomas. In French, we can say the same thing in so many different ways. That's what I want to help you with. This episode is designed to be repetitive. French is a crazy, sexy language and so are people… so welcome to the club motherfucka! The transcript is in the description, you might find it super useful if you’re a beginner. So get it and use it.

So how do we ask “How is she, how is he, how are they” in French? Ready? Tu es prête, tu es prêt ? Let’s go!

As we’ve seen in the previous episodes, the verb “aller”, which means “to go” will be used in French instead of “to be” in English. So, if we translate it word by word, we French literally ask how these people are “going”. “Elle” is referring to a female person, “Il” is for a male person and “iel” for a non-binary person. These pronouns can also be plural, listen carefully. You will hear the verb changing when we use plural.

Tu répètes après moi ?

Elle va comment ?

Il va comment ?

Iel va comment ?

Elles vont comment ?

Ils vont comment ?

Elle va bien ?

Il va bien ?

Iel va bien ?

Elles vont bien ?

Ils vont bien ?

Comment elle va ?

Comment il va ?

Comment iel va ?

Comment elles vont ?

Comment ils vont ?

Comment est-ce qu’il va ? Comment est-ce qu’elle va ?

Comment est-ce qu’iel va ?

Comment est-ce qu’elles vont ?

Comment est-ce qu’ils vont ?

Comment va-t-elle ?

Comment va-t-il ?

Comment va-t-iel ?

Comment vont-ils ? Comment vont-elles ?


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