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6/ French sentences - What’s his/her/its name?

Learn French & Chill Podcast - Learn French from Mexico!

Salut, moi c’est Thomas. In French, we can say the same thing in so many different ways. That's what I want to help you with. This episode is designed to be repetitive. So it’s possible you may find yourself craving croissants, fromage et vin rouge. Totally normal! This is what happens as you become more French. Congrats! The transcript is in the description, you might find it super useful if you’re a beginner. So get it and use it.

So how do we ask for someone’s name in French? We’re going to reuse the questions we saw in episode 4 when we were asking “What’s your name?” and we also touched on how to say “she”, “he” and “they” for non-binary people in episode number 3. Something new here is to understand that we represent things (like a restaurant, a street, a movie…) like people in French. Every word is either masculine or feminine, so we will talk about a movie as a “he” instead of “it”, so “il” in French, because it’s a masculine word, and a street as a “she”, not “it”, so “elle” in French, because it’s a feminine word. Think as if we should say “He’s great!” when we talk about the last movie we saw, or “She’s beautiful!” when we talk about a street we like. Bizarre, but French. The word “son” means his, her, its, that’s the one we will use in front of “nom” for “name”, and “prénom” for the first name. “Ta sœur” means “your sister” et “ton frère” means “your brother”. Tu es prête, tu es prêt? Let’s go! C’est parti !

Tu répètes après moi ?

C’est quoi son nom ?

C’est quoi son prénom ?

Quel est son nom ?

Quel est son prénom ?

Elle s’appelle comment ?

Il s’appelle comment ?

Iel s’appelle comment ?

Comment elle s'appelle ?

Comment il s’appelle ?

Comment iel s’appelle ?

Comment est-ce qu’elle s'appelle ?

Comment est-ce qu’il s’appelle ?

Comment est-ce qu’iel s’appelle ?

Comment s’appelle-t-elle ?

Comment s’appelle-t-il ?

Comment s’appelle-t-iel ?

Comment s’appelle ta sœur ?

Comment s’appelle ton frère ?

Comment s’appelle le restaurant ?

Comment s’appelle la rue ?


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