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Beginner course



Start or restart learning French in a small group

Practice beginner level grammar and conversation skills.


  • Rules of pronunciation

  • Present de l'indicatif of s'appeler, être, avoir, aller, -er verbs, special -er verbs

  • Pronominal verbs

  • Yes/no questions

  • The negative form

  • The articles 

  • The rules of plural

  • The agreement of the adjectifs 

  • The possessives, demonstratives 

For whom?​​

  • Beginner students who have never taken a French course 

  • OR students with prior French instruction that want to restart from scratch and build their confidence 

  • Professionals, students, anyone in Canada and all around the world (11+ years old kids are also welcome in this course)


$650 (all included, no taxes)

Pre-class lectures

(exclusive to our school)

  • French video lessons before every class (instead of during)

  • vocab practice with flashcards app

  • original podcast

  • 100% focus on practice in class

Enhanced practice-focused curriculum

  • well-structured course

  • no lectures during class, only practice (unique)

  • Live French captions (during online practices)

  • breakout rooms for online classes

  • 24/7 chat group

  • in-person end of course meet-up


Dynamic online course, maximizes productivity and fun. Integrates latest online tools for continuous improvement.

  • 9 students max

  • 2 classes/week

  • 3-hour sessions, 10 sessions

  • Tuesday & Thursday 6pm to 9pm

Upcoming schedules

April 9th to May 9th (session full)

June 18th to July 18th (few spots left)

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