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Our French courses


Practice French Conversation

Beginner-Intermediate (Online)

Objective: expand communication skills

Wednesday and Friday: 9am to 11am

2 courses per week for 4 weeks

16 hours per session

Small groups: 5 students max

100% conversation practice guided by a skilled teacher

Price for the session $390*

*no taxes, all materials included,

Canadian Dollars

Coming sessions:

April 1st to April 27th 2022

For whom?

  • Beginner-intermediate students with prior French instruction that want to build their conversation skills

  • Professionals, students, anyone in Canada and all around the world


You must feel 50-80% comfy with the following French content:

  • rules of pronunciation

  • present de l'indicatif of s'appeler, être, avoir, aller, -er verbs, special -er verbs

  • pronominal verbs

  • futur proche

  • passé composé

  • how to formulate questions

  • the negative form

  • the articles 

  • the rules of plural

  • the agreement of the adjectifs 

  • the possessives, demonstratives


  1. Printable pdf books included with enrolment (lessons, vocabulary and exercises)
  2.  Access to more than 70 lessons and comprehension videos

  3.  Study app for vocabulary memorization and pronunciation practice

  4. Innovative and fun activities to strengthen pronunciation, comprehension, grammar, and conversation skills   

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