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1/ French sentences - How are you?

Learn French & Chill Podcast - Learn French from Montreal!

Salut, moi c’est Thomas. In French, we can say the same thing in sooo many different ways. That's what I want to help you with. This episode is designed to be repetitive. Play it again and again, and make sure to get really crazy. The transcript is in the description, you might find it super useful if you’re a beginner. So get it and use it.

So how do we say “How are you” in French? Ready? Tu es prête, tu es prêt ?

Let’s go! Note that the verb “aller”, which means “to go” will be used in French instead of “to be” in English. So, if we translate it word by word, we French literally say the equivalent of “How are you going” instead of “How are you”. But again, everything you are about to listen, means “How are you?”. We have two different ways to say “you” in French”: we’ve got the friendly “tu” when we address to a friend or to a kid, and we can also use the “formal” or “plural “vous” when we address to an adult that we don’t know very well, or to more than one person.

Let’s start by saying “Hi!”: Salut !

or “Hello!”: Bonjour !

… and now, “How are you?”, repeat after me!

Ça va ?

Ça va comment ?

Ça va bien ?

Tu vas (you are going) comment ?

Vous allez (you are going) comment ?

Tu vas bien ?

Vous allez bien ?

Comment tu vas ?

Comment vous allez ?

Comment est-ce que tu vas ?

Comment est-ce que vous allez ?

Comment vas-tu ?

Comment allez-vous ?


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