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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn French?
How fast you will learn French depends on how much time you have to practice, what languages you already speak (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian can help) and, quite honestly, how good you are with languages :)


All students are in the same boat when they start a French course. Don't worry! 

I don’t speak a word of French. Can I still register for the beginner course?
Yes, the beginner course is made for you!

I've taken French classes in the past, is the beginner class right for me?
We are often asked this question. Have a look at the beginner course outline, and you will probably figure it out on your own. If you don't, go ahead and complete the registration form and we will figure it out together.

Are kids accepted to The French School courses?
Yes, if they are above 11 years old.

Are there any other fees besides the fees indicated?
No :)

Are all course materials included in the fee?

Yes, the video and comprehension lessons, electronic flashcards, three pdf books, and more are provided for your session.

How can I register/pay?
Fill out the Registration Form. We will then contact you by email to answer your questions and complete your registration.

What is the cancellation policy?
You have to cancel your session a couple of days before it starts in order to be refunded. Please note that there is a $50 cancellation fee. Refunds are not possible once the session has started.

Do I need a special visa or document to participate in these courses?
Absolutely not, you can come simply as a tourist.

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