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Conversation classes

2 classes per week

2-hour sessions, 10 sessions

Wednesday 6pm to 8pm

Sunday 10am to 12pm

Level 3

$400 (if already student with me, all incl. no taxes)

$450 (all included, no taxes)



Practice real-life French conversations in a relaxed, small group setting and become more comfortable with previously learned French material. 

For whom?

Students who can already talk in French a little bit and have covered the following content:

  • rules of pronunciation

  • present de l'indicatif of s'appeler, être, avoir, aller, -er verbs, special -er verbs

  • pronominal verbs

  • yes/no questions

  • the negative form

  • the articles 

  • the rules of plural

  • the agreement of the adjectifs 

  • the possessives, demonstratives

  • vouloir, pouvoir, devoir, faire

  • futur proche

  • passé composé

  • how to formulate open-ended questions


Online, using Google Meets (no software needed)

2 classes per week

2-hour sessions, 10 sessions

Wednesday 6pm to 8pm

& Sunday: 10am to 12pm

Coming Schedules

April 21st to May 22nd

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